Our story

Hello, I’m Colin Culross, CEO and Founder of Emortal. Welcome to… Your Life. Saved.

My first real job was as a London fireman. I remember that the minute the fire was out, we had to hold onto people to stop them going back in to their house to try and save their memories, their pictures and their stories.

I knew then that our memories were the most important of all our possessions. My memories matter to me and, they matter to every family. We love nothing more than spending family time remembering the good old days.

Colin & Family, 2003
An idea was born…

Emortal is all about stories, so it makes sense to start by telling you ours. Aged 3 my youngest daughter Jools was diagnosed with cancer. Aged 8 Jools was given the all clear … so this is a story that ends well. During her 5-year battle for life, we kept a journal of our life together as a family.

Remembering the good times, really helped to get us through the worst times. I realized then just how important our memories were to us all. And from there the idea for Emortal was born.

No one yet has solved the problem of how to save all our precious memories. Or how to make sense out of them, to tell the story of our life together forever. We thought how fantastic it would be, if we could change all that… so we did!

What matters

The team at Emortal has developed an app to help you organise, protect, preserve and pass on your “digital legacy” and, most importantly, protect it from becoming unreadable through digital obsolescence which is also called Bit Rot.

We use Google technology to preserve digital memories (photographs, documents, correspondence, videos, interviews and more) indefinitely into the future.

The idea is that as operating systems, devices and tech evolves, your digital legacy will remain safe, secure and accessible to be shared only with those you love and trust most… your family.

Emortal is for moments that matter,  from your first steps to your last breath. Family life, shared together, saved for all time.

Our core purpose

Save lives – by helping every family to protect, preserve and pass on their digital legacy for generations to come.
  • Respect

    Outright ownership and control over your data

  • Trust

    Do the right thing and treat you like part of the family

  • Honest

    Straight talking people who say it as it is

  • Privacy

    Family matters are private and we’ll keep it that way

  • Protect

    Pass on something special to future generations

Over 25,614 treasured memories saved to date