The power of nostalgia

Life’s better when we’re connected to what matters; our family and our memories.

Emortal is available as a plug-n-play ‘own brand’ app. Customers are looking for you to make a real difference to their lives. Emortal represents the opportunity for your brand to be the trusted gatekeeper and guardian of every family’s permanent digital legacy.

How valuable could that be in terms of increased customer experience (NPS), trust and loyalty? Notwithstanding, that this is revenue generating, sustainable and creates a significant point-of-difference for your brand.

  • Relationships are much stronger than transactions
  • Your brand connecting family like never before
  • Your brand on every Emortal enabled device
  • Your brand making a real difference to family life
  • New incremental repeat customer revenue stream
  • Multi-generational brand access to all the family
  • Emotive, sticky and engaging user experience
  • Your brand at the centre of a family’s social graph

Emortal is actively seeking strategic partners in the following market sectors: Banking, Insurance, Telco, Broadband, Entertainment, OEM, Cloud and Charity.

If you would like to talk with us about partnership opportunities, please either contact or complete the partner enquiry form.


Over 25,614 treasured memories saved to date