Meet the team

Want to know a bit more about the team behind Emortal? This is the place.

Colin Culross; Founder & CEO

Colin started his career as a London fireman. He realised how devastating losing memories were to a family. Colin’s focus is on changing that for evermore – defining, realising and establishing how important our memories are to us and how Emortal can help a family turn them into a priceless digital legacy for generations.

Colin is determined that Emortal, and everyone in the Emortal development team, thinks more about altruism and less about algorithms by developing technology that makes a real difference to every family’s life across the globe.

Nick Davies: COO

Nick is a tech entrepreneur committed to using business as a force for good and developing products and strategies for humankind.

Following a career in advertising he founded Neighbourly, an award-winning social platform and founding B Corp that helps many of the UK’s largest companies scale their contribution to local community causes via corporate volunteering, financial giving and surplus donations.

Andy de Sallis: Chief Customer Officer

Andy has a Master’s degree from Central Saint Martins and spent the first 20 years of his career in London’s top design consultancies working with world class brands including; BT, Honda, Samsung, Puma, Virgin Atlantic and Disney.

Andy believes his success with these clients was due to his ability to build customer advocacy and keep things simple – two superpowers that are vital to his role here at Emortal.

Phil Edmonds: CGO

Phil has historically been very data-focussed (especially given that his background as a grown-up has been entirely advertising industry focussed), and to this end his mantra is “Judge me by the numbers” at Emortal.

Hopefully Judgement Day will be kind to him when it comes…

Charlotte Hale; Head of Product

With her considerable experience building teams, product and revenue in Digital Asset Management Charlotte has the perfect skill-set to lead the Product Team.

She alternates her time wearing one of two hats – either a Dev Team hat or a Consumer Product hat. As a consequence she has to tap into all the unique personality traits of a Gemini.

Although she is actually a Libra

Waqar Munir: Product Manager

Waqar is Emortal’s longest term employee and probably knows more about the product than anyone else in the business (with the possible exception of Colin).

Outside of Product, Waqar also manages the customer support function and is looking forward to hearing from customers and helping them get the very best out of the Emortal app.

Richard Whitt Digital Stewardship

Richard Whitt is currently acting head of digital stewardship with Emortal.  He is an experienced public policy attorney, technology strategist, business advisor, and entrepreneur. Richard spent over eleven years with Google (2007-2018), most recently as corporate director for strategic initiatives.

As founder and president of GLIA Foundation (2019-present), he has launched the GLIAnet project, a new Web ecosystem based on trustworthy digital fiduciaries and “edgetech” tools.  Richard resides in Emerald Hills, California.

Over 25,614 treasured memories saved to date