Memories matter

Our App constantly updates your memories into the latest license-free formats. This ensures that your digital memories will open and playback way into the future.

Our Digital Legacy Fund pays for this ongoing curation process even after your death, ensuring that your family memories (your digital legacy) will be accessible by your digital family heirs for generations to come.

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Why choose Emortal?

Emortalize the memories that matter for all time

A permanent and personal place to share memories

Your own private family network that you control

Your memories always kept up to date in the cloud

Product Features

Do much more now with your memories. Things we’ve always wanted to do, that weren’t possible until now.


Preserve memories that matter for generations to come.

Preserve your most cherished family memories with our future-proof digital platform in partnership with Google Cloud.


Enjoy your most precious memories together privately.

Share the moments that matter via a private family network, where only the people you know get to know the real you.


Remembering the good times together for all time.

Turn every occasion into a family album to enjoy together again and again, way into the future.

Time Capsule

Send messages into the future & receive them from the past.

Create messages and send them into the future to be opened at a date set by you. Receive messages from loved ones passed.


Tell your life story in your words, pictures and videos.

Your unique life story in your pocket, on a timeline that never has to end.

A home for everything important. Protected, preserved & passed on.

A picture paints a thousand words. Save what matters, forget the rest.

There’s nothing more moving than a moving image of life together.

Life is full of stories so make sure you tell yours the way it really was.

Pass on everything from mums special recipes to remembrance.

Memories remembered

Your memories matter to you. Keeping them safe for generations yet to come really matters to us.

We will soon launch our Desktop App, making it easier for you to upload your past moments and experiences that matter to you and your family.

Welcome to Your Life.  Saved.

Over 25,614 treasured memories saved to date